Hacker Online: 235 Million Twitter Accounts in Danger!


hackers, 235 millionStealing his Twitter account records and e-mail addresses dark webpublished in the market.

Billionaire Elon Musk has been on the agenda since it bought Twitter. For months, the course of the social media platform and various developments have been on the agenda. Elon Musk‘s moves and USAhead BidenHis steps towards . 2022 It seems that the most sensational businessman and social media of the year will not lose its position on the agenda this year as well. Hackers, who allegedly made an offer to Elon Musk, detonated the bomb a week later. anonymous hackers, 235 millionHe released the data of his Twitter account for free.

Hackers Release Data of 235 Million Twitter Accounts for Free

Hackers, who allegedly could not get along with Elon Musk, seized 235 million twitter Published the data of his account for free. In addition, a Dark Web user sent 1,000,000 to confirm that the data is authentic. twitteropened the account for trial access.

Analysis by Cybernews shows that the stolen data is approximately 63GB It turned out to have a size of . In this stolen data, there is a lot of information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

400million pieces twitterhackers who steal your account’s data, Elon Musk He blackmailed her. hackers, Musk He asked . to purchase this data. However Musk The fact that ‘s did not make any response angered the hackers. Now 235million twitteraccount data dark webroaming over.

In the past times Facebook As a result of such an event, he was fined hundreds of millions of dollars. The same legal process is expected to be initiated for Twitter as well.


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