Hectic times are happening in Neo (NEO)!


Stepping towards $10, Neo ( WHAT IS THAT) was once again among the most rising coins of the day.

of china Ethereumdescribed as WHAT IS THAT It managed to rise to $10.80 with the buyer base it captured from $7.69. This point, which has worked as a hard support and resistance in the past periods, WHAT IS THAT It prevented the rise of . However, the popular coin, which is determined to continue its upward route, recorded an increase of 5.10 percent in the last 24 hours. With this price movement, NEO, which ranked third in the “Top Rising” list, also attracted attention from the technical analysis side.

Stepping towards double digit price!

NEO, which has been pricing in a downward direction since June when the daily chart was discussed, broke this trend by taking the rise in BTC behind it. The popular coin, which managed to exceed the 6.40 – 6.84 levels with the trend break, made its investors happy. . As of the current situation, when NEO finds buyers at $9.55 and exceeds $9.68, its target levels will be $10.76 – 11.89 and $12.90.

BTC’s retreat to $30,000, further increase in BTC dominance, or NEO’s failure to exceed $9.55 could bring a decrease in volume. In such a situation, $ 8.67 – 7.69 – 6.84 and $ 6.40 should be followed as support, respectively. Failure to hold $6.40 by buyers could create a short-term collapse.


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