Here are 10 Altcoins Experts Say to Watch Carefully


Crypto expert Crispus Nyaga shares some of the best liquid staking tokens available for purchase in January 2023. Crypto expert Will Izuchukwu explains the top 3 Web3 altcoin projects under $0.001 to watch. Finally, Crypto expert Gary Ngo names the top 5 long-term cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023.

Best liquid staking altcoin projects for January 2023

Lido Finance (LDO)

Lido is the largest liquid staking protocol in the world. A platform that makes it possible for people to stake popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, and Kusama. According to DeFi Llama, Lido has surpassed Maker to become the world’s largest DeFi protocol with over $6.1 billion in assets. Most of these tokens in the ecosystem are Ethereum, followed by Solana and Polkadot. Lido has gone through numerous challenges in the past. The biggest is Terra’s collapse in May 2022. This was a huge setback as it is the second largest part of its ecosystem. Recently, after the collapse of FTX, Solana suffered as it lost billions in value. Still, the LDO price has done well this year, jumping more than 37% from its 2022 low.

SSV Network (SSV)

SSV Network is another liquid staking token to consider. Unlike Lido, SSV provides the infrastructure that developers use to build their ETH staking dApps. To be precise, it has a decentralized validator infrastructure that Blockchain developers use. In fact, Lido is one of the best apps in its ecosystem. It uses SSV’s distributed validator technology, which enables multiple node operators reducing single points of failure. Altcoin price has also done well this year. It reached $12, the highest level since December 15. Thus, it jumped more than 80% from its November low.

Ankr Protocol (ANKR)

Ankr Protocol is another Blockchain infrastructure project that offers multiple solutions, including liquid staking. Its total locked value (TVL) is more than $147 million. Most of its assets are in Binance Coin and Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies are Avalanche, Polkadot and Phantom. Ankr also offers other solutions such as RPC services, advanced game SDKs and AppChains. AppChain makes it possible for users to launch their own Blockchain in one simple step. The altcoin price has diverged from other liquid staking tokens such as SSV and Lido. It dropped to $0.01, the lowest ever recorded. The coin will likely bounce back as liquid staking tokens recover.

Top 3 Web3 altcoin projects below in January 2023

Suterus (SUTER)

An additional layer of custom payment infrastructure known as the Suterusu Protocol supports platforms for smart contracts. Compared to similar methods, the proof size of the algorithm is significantly reduced. In addition, evidence generation and verification efficiency is greatly improved. Safe and transparent as no reliable installation is required. Suterusu Protocol has been implemented on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Heco, SmartBCH (BCH side-chain), Theta and other Blockchain platforms. (LBP)

An all-in-one solution for projects started on Ethereum, is a digital asset fundraising platform that breaks down barriers to accessible project participation. It also supports additional Blockchains including BNB Chain (BSC), Polygon, Cronos and more. In GameFi, NFT finance, DeFi and all cryptocurrencies, is becoming a borderless incubator for raising capital and expanding businesses.

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Bepro is a tool for Bounty Network designed to help businesses manage their decentralized development. Multiple developer reward launches, conflict resolution and collaboration rewards are facilitated using tokens. For GitHub repositories, Bepro Network acts as a layer for checkouts and editing. Bepro aims to centralize product development to change the way businesses create products.

Top 5 long-term cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023

Leading crypto Bitcoin (BTC)

Since its inception, Bitcoin has been attacked a lot by those who saw it as useless as an investment. Now this is starting to change. Recently, Google owner Alphabet announced that it will allow users to pay using Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Mastercard announced plans to collaborate with cryptocurrency firm Paxos to help traditional banks trade and invest in cryptocurrencies on their platform.

Leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH)

Smart contracts, which are programs that run exactly as intended, without downtime, censorship, fraud or outside interference, are run on Ethereum, a decentralized platform. Beyond being a cryptocurrency, it has many uses and a vibrant development community. A few factors might make someone consider buying Ethereum in 2023: Solid technology; Growing developer community; Favorable regulatory environment:

Recently popular crypto Litecoin (LTC)

Like all cryptocurrencies, Litecoin’s price is subject to wide fluctuations. If you think the demand for Litecoin will increase in the future, you can expect a price increase. Cryptocurrencies can help you diversify your assets and reduce the overall risk of your investment portfolio. Like other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin can be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

Fast-growing Monero (XMR)

Monero is a cryptocurrency with the fastest global growth. Extremely safe. Because it has managed to protect the privacy of both cryptocurrencies and their owners. The advanced technological processes that this money uses make it difficult to track its transactions. Monero coins can be exchanged to protect the privacy of their holders and they are all alike. Despite being a newer cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, Monero has managed to compete well. It uses CryptoNote protocol instead of Bitcoin protocol. It is significantly preferred over Bitcoin due to its greater emphasis on user privacy. Additionally, Monero has a better chance of competing in the cryptocurrency industry. This is because by being on StackExchange it completely expands the existing thriving public source code repository.

Finally Cardano (ADA)

The introduction of Cardano removed all barriers to cryptocurrency adoption. It first appeared in 2017 with the goal of being the go-to place for programmers looking to build decentralized applications and smart contracts. Cardano’s main selling point is its ability to scale without sacrificing decentralization. On the other hand, most Blockchains failed to do so. Also, Cardano is energy efficient, which is important given the need for eco-friendly alternatives. Overall, Cardano is proving to be a practical tool for building the decentralized systems and applications of the future.


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