Here Are 7 Altcoins On Binance That Will ‘Blast Up’!


Crypto analyst Danielle MA Toit says that the prices of SOL, LINK, STX, ATOM and ROSE will likely see a significant increase next week. According to crypto analytics firm Santiment, this altcoin is worth following as whale transactions are on the rise. Finally, Dan Gambardello, founder and CEO of Crypto Capital Venture, is waiting for a big move from ADA.

Altcoin projects with significant growth potential

Left (LEFT)

SOL price is hovering above a key support at $18.99. This level was already broken down earlier in today’s trading session when it hit the daily low of $18.77. Since then, traders and investors have successfully recovered the altcoin’s price.

LEFT daily chart / Source: TradingView

However, the 9 EMA lines trading below the 20 EMA lines on the daily chart indicated that the price of SOL is in a short-term bearish cycle and will continue to decline in the next 24-48 hours. However, there is still a possibility that the altcoin price will recover further in the next 2 days. The RSI line on the daily chart is positively sloping towards the overbought zone. If the RSI closes above the SMA line in the next 48 hours, it is possible for the SOL to rise to the next resistance level at $20. Conversely, if the SOL dips back below $18.99, it will drop to the next support level at $17.50.

Chainlink (LINK)

An ascending descending wedge has formed on LINK’s daily chart, indicating that if confirmed, the altcoin price could make a move towards $7,312 in the near future. However, with the 9 EMA line positioned below the 20 EMA line, technical indicators still point to a bearish trend. In addition, the RSI line was trading below the RSI SMA line.

LINK daily chart / Source: TradingView

If the price of LINK stays above the nearest support level of $6,193 for the next 24-48 hours, a move towards the 9 EMA line on the daily chart is possible around $6.56 before surging to $7,312. On the other hand, closing a daily candle below the current support level will cause the price of LINK to drop to $5.62.

Stacks (STX)

At press time, the price of the STX was just under 5%. As a result, the altcoin price is at $0.5813. The drop in the price of STX also caused it to weaken against the two market leaders. As a result, STX fell 2.98% against BTC and 3.08% against ETH.

STX daily chart / Source: TradingView

Technical indicators on STX’s daily chart were also showing bearish signals at press time. The daily RSI line was trading well below the daily RSI SMA line. Also, it sloped steeply towards the oversold region. Meanwhile, the 9-day EMA line was trading below the 20-day EMA. In addition, it was breaking out of the longer EMA line. The next level of support where the price of STX will likely drop is $0.5235. The upside target for the altcoin is $0.6770. If the price of STX rises above the 9-day and 20-day EMA lines, a rise to $0.8354 is possible in the near future. On the other hand, a break below the $0.5235 support opens the doors to $0.3304.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Altcoin price rebounded from the $10,275 support level after touching the level earlier in today’s trading session. As a result, the daily RSI line slope has turned from negative to positive. This is also a notable bullish flag for the altcoin price.

ATOM daily chart / Source: TradingView

If the daily RSI line rises above the SMA line in the next 24 hours, a rise to $10,709 is possible for ATOM. On the other hand, if it breaks below the current support level, it will cause ATOM to drop to $9,751 in the next few days.

Oasis Network (ROSE) As you follow, ROSE was another altcoin that lost the last trading day. Additionally, ROSE weakened by 0.46% and 0.59% against both BTC and ETH, respectively. After an increase of over 30, ROSE’s 24-hour trading volume was at $14,265,714 as of press time.

ROSE daily chart / Source: TradingView

Altcoin price action has been flat for the past 2 weeks. This indicates that the altcoin price is likely to experience a breakout soon. Additionally, ROSE is trading just above the $0.04876 support level. It is possible that the emergence of the bulls in the next two days will help ROSE rise above $0.05639.

centimeter: This altcoin see place g goal he is drinking

Crypto analytics firm Santiment says Render Token (RNDR) whale transactions are on the rise. Hence, he predicts that the altcoin’s rally will continue. According to Santiment, whale transactions for Render reached their third highest level this month. This suggests that some investors are selling for profit. However, Santiment notes that previous increases in whale trading did not result in killing the rallies that were going on at the time. In this context, Santiment makes the following statement:

We need to be cautious that whale trading has soared to its third-highest day in the past month. This is usually a sign that some profit has been made. However, in the previous two $100,000+ whale increases of this magnitude (in red below), we see prices continue to rise.

Source: Santiment

According to Santiment, an important indicator that the value of the Render Token will continue to increase is the increasing number of addresses holding the token. Santiment explains this situation as follows:

Look at how shark and whale RNDR addresses continue to rise in terms of address count, supporting the theory that this rally is not over. The bronze line, which represents wallets holding between one million and 10 million RNDRs, is growing particularly fast. Ninety such addresses is the highest number in the history of the entity. If the whales were making a profit, these address numbers probably wouldn’t continue to grow.

Source: Santiment

ADA’s big move is coming

Dan Gambardello, founder and CEO of Crypto Capital Venture, analyzes ADA’s recent sideways movement. Gambardello says crypto is currently at a crossroads. He also states that it will either explode upwards or move downwards, reaching a bottom and an oversold area. According to Gambardello, this means that some sort of recovery will likely occur later on.


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