Hit by Altcoin Hack Incident, Which Turks Also Bought!


Arbitrum Discord hacker phishing amid airdrop hype. The phishing message for the altcoin project referred to issues during the initial token issuance, while offering an ‘opportunity to reclaim an additional stake in the Arbitrum DAO Governance’.

Discord channel of altcoin project hacked in the middle of airdrop

The crypto community’s warning of fake Arbitrum (ARB) airdrops came as hackers managed to drop a phishing link on Arbitrum’s official Discord server. On March 25, blockchain-focused security firm CetriK revealed the possibility of a phishing link circulating through the Arbitrum Discord server. A hacked Discord account from one of Arbitrum’s developers is suspected to have been used to post a fake announcement with a phishing link. CetriK issued the following warning on the subject:

We’re seeing reports of a phishing link being sent on the Arbitrum Discord Server. Do not click any links until the team confirms that they have regained control of the server. Do not interact with the announcement below!

The phishing message on Discord referred to issues during the initial token offering, while offering an ‘opportunity to reclaim an additional stake in the Arbitrum DAO Governance’. However, the supporting URL mistyped Arbitrum as ‘Arbtirum’, a deception technique used in a phishing attack. Clicking on such a phishing link often redirects innocent victims to a fake website and prompts them to enter personal information such as the private key of the wallet.

Phishing link shared on Arbitrum’s Discord server / Source: abtirum.io

However, further investigations show that clicking on Arbitrum’s phishing link takes users to an empty website with the text ‘Astagfirullah’ meaning ‘I ask God for forgiveness’ on it.

CetriK advises investors not to interact with the announcement until further clarification is received from Arbitrum. Investors should be extremely vigilant about unrealistic claims and scams as hackers try to make money off the scam. Arbitrum has not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.

They filled their wallets in the Arbitrum airdrop!

Meanwhile, two airdrop hunters managed to get around $3.3 million worth of ARBs.

cryptocoin.com As we reported, one wallet received $2 million in ARB while another raised approximately $1.38 million worth of tokens. At press time, the ARB was trading at $1.22, down 5% on a daily basis. When the token was issued on March 23, it was priced at $11.80. Hence, the token, ARB, lost 90% in 2 days.


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