Hot Development: SEC Chairman Exits Bitcoin and Its Inventor!


Cryptocurrencies are now on everyone’s lips globally. The popularity of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, who started this trend with the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is undoubtedly at its peak. So much so that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, whom we know for his crypto-hating stance, cannot help but mention him! In a recent development, Gensler made an interesting post for the Bitcoin inventor.

Halloween message from the SEC Chairman to Bitcoin and its inventor! As you follow from , US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is a very unpopular personality in the market due to his stance against cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin (BTC) has a special place in Gensler’s eyes. SEC Chairman made an interesting post about crypto money and its inventor, which he keeps apart from others. In this context, Gensler shared the following post on his X account:

Would we understand it if Satoshi Nakamoto dressed up as Satoshi Nakamoto for Halloween? Happy 15th anniversary of Satoshi’s famous ‘white paper’ that launched crypto. All crypto companies that deceive investors must start complying with securities laws.


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