Huawei Thinks Infrastructure Is Insufficient for Metaverse


Global technology giant Huawei, present telecominfrastructure metaversethinks it’s not enough.

metaverse remains popular regardless of the cryptocurrency market. The downward trend in the global economy and the crypto market brought along difficult processes in terms of the metaverse. metaverse The trade volume on the other side has dropped by about 70 percent. However, it also managed to attract people’s attention in general. Huaweialready existing for the evolving and adopted metaverse. telecomHe claimed that their infrastructure was insufficient.

Huawei Official Highlights Metaverse and Web3 Connection

China-based tech giant Huaweiexisting telecom infrastructure. metaverse thinks it’s not enough. Company, metaversefor 5Gor 6GHe believes that he can only be enough.

HuaweiMiddle East Business and Strategy Consulting Chief Specialist Abhinav Purohit, metaverseHe stated that the concept of the Web3 movement is connected with each other.

purohit He added that rapid improvement would be needed to realize such a technological vision. The authorized name depends on the download speed of the virtual world and metaverseunderlined the need for equipment.

metaverseaddressing the benefits of technology purohit, “Delivering such an experience will require innovations in areas such as hybrid local and remote real-time processing, video compression, edge computing and cross-layer visibility.” said.

Moreover Huaweiofficials, metaversealso raised the curtain on his problems. purohit, latency, symmetrical bandwidth, and quality of experience. metaverse stated that it has become a fundamental problem for According to the official, 6Gcan provide a more efficient infrastructure.


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