Immunefi Distributed $52 Million Bug Bounty In 2022


Crypto focused bug bountyplatform Immunefito hackers who find bugs in crypto projects 52 milliondollar prize.

In the crypto industry, one of the most important issues is the hacking problem. Digital platforms and projects can be hacked due to vulnerabilities in the code structure. These things have been happening very often lately. Especially DeFi projects lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to hacking attacks. Focusing on discovering and fixing bugs in crypto projects Immunefiabout hackers who discover these bugs 52 milliondollar bug bountydistributed.

Immunefi Distributed Bug Bounty to Hackers

Bug bounty platform focused on the crypto industry Immunefi, the biggest award wormholein exchange for a vulnerability discovered in . wormholebug bounty value of 10 millionbecame dollars.

The thriving and adopted crypto industry has struggled with over a billion dollars in hacking attacks in 2022. aiming to prevent this Immunefibugs in blockchain and cryptocurrencies hackerto the ‘s bug bountyscattering.

Hackers, called white hats, can win prizes by finding vulnerabilities in the network structure and code structure. One of the largest award-giving organizations Immunefi, Web3focused on his side.


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