In 2022, Crypto Theft Over $2 Billion!


Crystal BlockchainIn the report by 2 billionThe dollar has evaporated.

The effects of the crypto bear market have been running pretty slow lately. FTXand terraaffected by the crisis and USA The bear market, riveted by the interest rate move applied by , continues. This year, millions of crypto investors lost money. In addition, many crypto organizations have also had to declare bankruptcy. On the other hand, hacking attacks, fraud and theft have also negatively impacted the crypto industry. Crystal BlockchainThe report by crypto thieves this year 2 billionIt was reported that the dollar was seized.

$2 Billion Stolen From The Crypto Industry This Year

Research and analysis organization Crystal Blockchain, 2022In his report on the year, crypto thieves 2 billionHe stated that he stole a dollar asset.

Crystal BlockchainCEO Marina Khaustova, “2022 has witnessed some of the most seismic events, not only in the cryptoasset and blockchain space, but also in economic and social terms.” said.

The research organization said its study aims to provide clarity on what has happened this year and what might happen going forward.

Report highlighted the increase in the number of thieves, scammers and hackers focusing on the crypto space in 2022. With the impact of this increase, many regulators and controllers had to press the red button.


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