In Sui (SUI), Swimming in Dangerous Waters!


sui ( SUI), it will have reached its bottom price on Binance if it loses 5 percent more than its current level.

Sui, who caught great excitement before the listing ( SUI ), if it loses 4.89 percent from its current point, it will have regressed to its lowest price on Binance. SUI, which decreased by 6.44 percent in the last 24 hours, was also the 3rd most depreciating coin of the day. It seems that there is no trace of the former popularity of SUI, which has come to the fore with its airdrops and testnets. SUI, which touches the highest $2 and the lowest $1.01 on Binance basis, increases the dangers as it approaches the bottom price.

Sui (SUI), Near Bottom Price

Factors such as the decrease in volume in the market and the shrinking price structure in Bitcoin continue to shake altcoins. Among these altcoins, SUI stood out with its dangerous data. SUI, which sees $1.01 as the bottom price on Binance, is only 4.89 percent away from this level. A loss of $1.01 could further deepen the declines on the SUI side.

Launched with great interest, SUI can be followed if it exceeds the resistances of 1.10 – 1.21 – 1.28 – 1.43 and 1.49 dollars, respectively, so that it can rise as before. In case the bottom price on Binance can hold, the SUI chart can become quite complex.


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