Interesting Statement from Ripple CTO: We Are Actually in Second Place!


Ripple CTO David Schwartz says XRP is fundamentally different from Bitcoin. Schwartz also explains his plans for future and upcoming updates for XRPL.

The only crypto with regulatory clarity after Bitcoin!

Ripple CTO David Schwartz gave a dynamic keynote at the last Apex event in Amsterdam. Schwartz took a look at the future of Ripple and XRP Ledger. Right at the start of his speech, Schwartz talks about how different the foundation of XRP is compared to Bitcoin. As you follow from , Ripple has won a victory in the legal fight against the SEC. Based on this, Schwartz proudly says that XRP is the only crypto other than Bitcoin with regulatory clarity in the USA. Thanks to the unique aspects of XRP, Schwartz talks about reshaping the digital finance landscape. In his talk, he also outlines several exciting developments to turbocharge the XRP Ledger.

What’s on the horizon for Ripple?

One of the prominent announcements was the introduction of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) to the XRP Ledger. Thanks to their design, AMMs provide liquidity unlike a traditional exchange with order books. Thus, it executes trading strategies smoothly. AMMs aim to improve trading efficiency, capturing smaller price movements. Additionally, it aims to benefit liquidity providers and users.

In addition to AMMs, Schwartz also touched on integrating Decentralized Identity (DID) solutions into the XRP Ledger. DID stores users’ personal information off-chain. It also allows them to manage their identity securely and privately on-chain. The integration of DID is consistent with the broader trend towards self-sovereign identity. It also adds trust and security to the Ripple ecosystem.

Ripple CTO also highlights the ongoing efforts to improve the performance, scalability and stability of XRP Ledger. These improvements include reducing memory consumption and optimizing processing throughput. It also includes increasing network usage efficiency. Ripple aims to maintain a healthy and decentralized ecosystem by keeping costs low and constantly improving the robustness of the technology.

Special statements to developers from Ripple CTO

Schwartz also highlights the importance of plugins, a critical development that will make it easier to add new features to the XRP Ledger. Developers can work in a variety of programming languages ​​by incorporating these features into modular plugins, simplifying development and encouraging innovation. This change is expected to facilitate the development of side-chains and interoperable solutions.

Ripple CTO also talks about exciting developments like EVM side-chain and Hooks in his keynote. These developments are bespoke smart contract solutions to expand the capabilities of XRP Ledger, making it more versatile and adaptable to a variety of use cases. David Schwartz’s keynote at Apex demonstrates Ripple’s commitment to innovation and improvement in the crypto industry. With all the developments around the corner, it is clear that Ripple will strengthen its position as a leading player in the digital finance space.


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