Iran Makes Decision on Crypto Mining Equipment


Iranianseized, citing the pressure on the energy grids. 150 thousandIt has decided to release a number of crypto mining equipment.

In recent years, countries have taken various steps on crypto mining. The steps of many countries have been aimed at suppressing or banning. At first Chinese, bitcoin It took a heavy place on the agenda by banning mining. A similar decision was taken by Iran. The country’s judiciary took a few steps forward, citing increased pressure on energy grids during the winter months. One of these steps is 150 thousand It was the seizure of a number of crypto mining devices. As the latest development Iraniandecided to release these confiscated devices.

Iran Court Releases Confiscated Crypto Mining Equipment

Organization for the Collection and Sale of State-Owned Goods of Iran ( OCSSOP), tried to take various measures against the ongoing power cuts. 2021since OCSSOP , confiscated many crypto mining equipment. in inventory 150 thousandThe organization, which hosts crypto mining equipment, is releasing them with the final judicial decision.

Head of Iran’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance Abdolmajid Eshtehadi made statements on the subject. Referring to crypto mining equipment ashtehadi, “Currently, around 150,000 crypto mining equipment is held by OCSSOP, and the majority of them will be released following judicial decisions. The machines have already been returned.” said.


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