Israeli Court Focuses on Blacklisted Crypto Wallets


Israel‘of Tel Aviv Magistrates Court, blacklisted 150Approved the seizure of more than 1,000 crypto wallets.

The crypto industry, which is expanding on a global scale, can be used for many different scenarios. One of these scenarios has been the use of cryptocurrencies for fraud and money laundering purposes. Cryptocurrencies, which countries and investors are increasingly interested in, need regulation and supervision. The reason for this was that the use for different purposes became more and more widespread, since there was no surveillance. In this context Israeli government, blacklisted to crypto walletsfocused.

Israeli Government May Seize Assets of Blacklisted Crypto Wallets

IsraelIn , a court has authorized the seizure of assets in crypto wallets blacklisted by the country’s government.

IsraelDefense Minister Benny Gantz, the court 33,500 dollars He said he had allowed it to be taken over. Previously, the court had only allowed the seizure of digital assets directly linked to terrorist activities. However, this did not approve of the seizure of additional funds. As a result of these previous decisions, December 2021on 750 thousandUSD cryptocurrencies were seized.

The court has now stated that all assets in blacklisted wallets can be confiscated.


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