Judge Ronnie Abrams Withdraws from Sam Bankman-Fried Case


District judge Ronnie Abramson the grounds of allegations about his wife and preventing possible conflicts. Sam Bankmanfriedwithdrew from his case.

In the crypto winter, FTX The legal processes of the events occupy the agenda intensely. The old stock market b‘water Sam Bankman-Fried ( SBF ), on charges of fraud and abuse. Finally SBF, 250 million He was placed under house arrest after paying a $$ bail. In these days of intense cases, the District Judge Ronnie Abrams, SBFHe announced that he was withdrawing from the case. AbramsHe stated that he took such a decision in order to prevent possible political conflicts.

Judge Ronnie Abrams Won’t Continue Sam Bankman-Fried Process

District judge Ronnie Abrams, FTX‘s old CEO‘this Sam Bankman-Frieddecided to withdraw its participation in legal proceedings related to

Abrams, partner Greg Andres’ 2021in the year of FTXwith a consultant Davis Polkand Wardwell’s He announced that he was a partner. This company FTX He came to the fore by acting as a representative in the cases. Making a statement with the emergence of the allegations, Abrams stated that his wife had nothing to do with the representatives.

Again Abrams, of FTXdecided to withdraw from the case in order to prevent conflicts and impressions that may occur in the legal processes.


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