Justin Sun and Huobi: Shocking Allegations and Denials!


Bloomberg, Justin Sun from Huobi last year 1 billion dollarsdue to the decrease in the trading volume of the stock market. He claimed that he was trying to dispose of these shares.

Today, BloombergA news that had the effect of a bomb fell on the agenda. Bloombergmade a sensational claim about the relationship of Justin Sun and Huobi.

According to this claim, Justin Sunin possession HuobiIt wants to sell its shares due to the decrease in Huobi’s trading volume. sun, before, Huobiof just “consultant”announced that he had no shares in Huobi.

Justin Sun Denies Huobi Claims

Bloomberg, founder of Tron and Huobi consultant Justin Sun made a sensational claim about him. held by the Sun 1 billion dollarsThe allegation that he wanted to dispose of his Huobi stake, A denial came from Sun.

Bloomberg stated that Justin Sun bought Huobi shares in the past years and is trying to dispose of it due to declining trading volumes. The news was based on an unknown source. Bloomberg , citing his confidential source, stated that Sun has started negotiations with potential buyers. Moreover Bloomberg, He touched on the mystery and secrecy of Sun’s role in Huobi.

sun, in his post on Twitter, to the Huobi news about him. April 1 sent. Tron founder and Huobi advisor, stated that Huobi is not looking for a share buyer and trading operations are proceeding smoothly.

The Tron founder, who is an advisor to crypto exchange Huobi, was recently investigated by US regulators.


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