Justin Sun Denies Huobi’s Layoffs


Tronfounder and Huobiconsultant Justin Sun, which has been in the press lately HuobiHe denied the allegations that he was going to lay off.

Cryptocurrency In the market, the fud wave is spreading due to the destruction caused by the bear trend. Especially strong projects can come under pressure due to various fuds. The most important fud that has come to the fore recently, BinanceThere were things done to the side. Binance has seen intense pressure due to its proof-of-reserve and liquidity situations. On the other side Huobi, clarified the recent dismissal news. Huobiconsultant Justin sunannounced that the news of the layoffs were false. sunpointed out that they have no plans to downsize.

Justin Sun Says Huobi Is Getting Better, Rather Than Laying Off

crypto exchange Huobishareholder and advisor of Justin Sundisseminated by the media HuobiHe argued that the news of the dismissal was not true.

In the past few days, the press Huobi The news that . will go to mass layoffs and premium cuts fell. In the news, the company 1200the staff of 600to 800 It was stated that it would fall among people. This news Huobi A name close to . Anonymous source, stock market ChineseHe claimed that he lost money after withdrawing from and could therefore begin layoffs.

After these allegations that took place on the agenda sun It was not too late to deny from . sun, HuobiHe stated that the business of .


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