Knowing the Big Fall, the Investor Frightened for the Year 2023!


USAin 2007famous investor who knew the crisis in advance Michael Burry, 2023He suggested that inflation will be triggered in order to prevent a recession in 2018.

The past year has been tough in the global economy and the accompanying risky asset investments. USA‘s move against inflation, trillion negatively affected the money flow of the dollar. Dollar-based tightening hit risky asset investments and stock market shares hard. By the end of the year, the fear of recession and the massive collapse of the cryptocurrency market drew attention. As we enter the new year, a remarkable prediction came from the investor who knew the great crisis in the USA beforehand. Michael Burry, nicknamed Big Short, scared off investors.

Knowing the Big Fall, Investors Expect More Inflation and Decline!

2007erupted in the mortgage crisiswho knows in advance and makes money by opening a bearish trade Michael burry, 2023forecast for the year.

Michael burryargued that inflation seems to be currently at its peak, but this is not the last peak of the cycle. burry, 2023 He expects a negative market and the danger of recession in the second quarter of the year. According to the famous investor, this recession will also change the moves of the USA. Fed tightening will cease and the government will provide incentives. Evaluating all these, Burry claimed that there would be another inflation increase.

Famous investor’s prediction, twitter attracted a lot of attention from its users. Many investors, knowing the big fall burryHe began to fear that he might be right.

because burry If justified, the recession and the accompanying easing will adversely affect risky assets. rising inflation and Fed‘s loosening the ropes will cause a possible decline in the crypto money market, led by Bitcoin.


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