LastPass Admits Hackers Stole Technical Data


Password management tool LastPass admitted that hackers stole source code and technical data from development environments.

LastPass hackers began sending phishing messages to users on December 25 asking them to upgrade OKX. Many Twitter users complained about receiving text messages.

LastPass Hackers Send Message On Behalf Of OKX

LastPass hackers started sending phishing messages asking users to upgrade OKX. Thereupon, many Twitter users complained that they were receiving text messages, and the company took a step in the matter.

LastPass said the hackers had hijacked the copied information, including cloud storage access keys, company name, username, billing address, Email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses.

The company warned its users to never reuse their master password on another website. CEO Karim Toubb a, the firm will need to add more logging, rebuild the development environment, return credentials, etc. to detect suspicious activity in the future. He added that he has taken every precaution, including


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