Latest Situation in Artificial Intelligence Coins


One of the coins related to Artificial Intelligence technology, The Graph ( GRT), became the second coin of the day to fall a lot, current GRT rating.

Exploding last week with NVIDIA’s statement of balance sheet Artificial intelligence Project coins lost their momentum with the decline in BTC. The Graph, one of the AI-based altcoins that retreated to support points ( GRT ) price action attracted more attention. Currently, GRT, which finds buyers just below the resistance point, may want to test the support levels if it cannot break above this value.

The Graph (GRT) Technical Analysis

Currently trading at $0.1280, GRT is just below the 0.1289 resistance. Jumping over this resistance and providing permanence can carry the GRT to even higher targets. The key resistance points to follow for GRT are $0.1289 – $0.1409 and $0.1527 respectively. Breaking these resistances, which are important in the short term, may pave the way for GRT.

Factors such as the decrease in the excitement in the Artificial Intelligence frenzy and the sharp downward movements of Bitcoin may shake the price of GRT. In this scenario, the support levels that can be followed for GRT are the weekly opening price, $0.1169 and $0.1080, respectively. At the same time, researching developments in the Artificial Intelligence sector can provide various data about the coins involved.


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