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Lawsuit in China: Helped Bitcoin Miners Illegal!


Communist Party of Chinaa former member of Xiao Yi, various bitcoinHe was prosecuted for providing illegal aid to miners.

the past day Chinese A court hearing was held on illegal aid and donations to Bitcoin miners. In the lead role of the trial Communist Party of Chinaa former official of Xiao Yi took place. Same time Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conferencevice president Xiao Yi He was tried on charges of taking bribes and abuse of power. Court, Hangzhou Middle People’s Assemblywas held in public.

Chinese Official Breaks The Law To Help Bitcoin Miners!

Chineseoccupies an important position in politics in Xiao Yi He was tried for violating his duty and responsibility. According to the judgment Xiao Yi, Bitcoin miners 125 million yuan He helped them get cash. This entailed bribery and abuse of power.

to the case, Xiao Yilawyers and Hangzhou People’s Procuratoratestaff attended. Xiao Yi, 2017from the year 2021 He broke the law while serving as the Secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee until The court explained that providing illegal aid to various mining parties had negative effects.

Giving the closing speech, Xiao Yi admitted the charges in front of the judge.


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