LayerTwoLabs Raised $3 Million


bitcoinresearcher and developer LayerTwoLabsraised $3 million in funding from angel investors.

Lately, bitcoin and the accompanying cryptocurrencies bear market effects. This exhausting and challenging process also creates confusion about what the future of crypto will look like. The vast majority of users bitcoin began to distrust cryptocurrencies other than Only global institutions bitcoin Messages have been received suggesting that . In the middle of all these processes LayerTwoLabscontinues its development and reinforcement work for Bitcoin. Company, bitcoinHe believes that will become a global dominant currency.

Bitcoin Developer LayerTwoLabs Gets Strong Support

Leading cryptocurrency bitcoinblockchain technology and digital gold He continues to move among his rumors. Although the market exhibits a bearish decline, there is a significant increase in adoption rates.

Focusing on Bitcoin adoption and development LayerTwoLabsfrom angel investors in order to fund their work. 3 millioncollected dollars.

Strong project, primary blockchain It aims to interact with and provide a better user experience. The company’s CEOwater and its founder Paul Sztorc, 2015He has been working to develop this project since.

Sztorc, users bitcoin He focused on being able to move freely. The company’s CEO‘this, drive chainthrough the bitcoin provide flexibility to its users. This flexibility bitcoinIt will allow holders to easily access innovative features limited to altcoin networks.


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