Legend Analyst Made Critical Forecasts For These 6 Altcoins!


Michael van de Poppe, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, shared his predictions for 6 altcoins in particular.

Analyst made predictions for 6 altcoins: The first is Litecoin prediction

Litecoin’s price action at the beginning of the month was volatile due to continued volatility among the main market movers. cryptocoin.com As we reported, most of the altcoins have lost value along with Bitcoin over the past month. However, with its strong performance on December 25, Litecoin was the biggest winner. This improved its performance and pushed it ahead of market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Still, LTC had a problem just before it hit $70. This means that if you cross $70, LTC will likely quickly rise to $80. But $100 for LTC is still a long way off. Litecoin was ranked fourth among active cryptocurrency projects by LunarCrush.

However, the halving event in August 2023 that could signal a positive trend for Litecoin is an important event to watch out for. The block reward will then drop another 50 percent to 6.25 LTC. As long as demand is high, this decrease in supply can cause a price increase. Cryptocurrency analyst Michael Van De Poppe said that the LTC price continues to strengthen.

These levels are important for MATIC, EGLD and FTM.

The analyst also made statements about Polygon’s altcoin MATIC. Sharing his positive mood for the MATIC chart, the analyst expects a bounce. “I assume we will continue towards $0.84 after a bounce in confidence,” he said in a tweet sharing his analysis.

He stated that he had nothing to do with Elrond (EGLD). Because right now, EGLD is failing to turn resistance levels into support. In this respect, he states that recovering $39 for EGLD is the first step.

On the other hand, the analyst looks at Phantom (FTM). The analyst points out that FTM has been moving in a horizontal range for the past 12 days. He also points out that his coin is constantly testing highs. He stated that with the break of $0.20, the entry level is “gone”. He stated that the break of $0.2075-0.21 and retracement of these levels was a trigger move towards $0.225 and $0.235.

Prospects for MAN and FET

Apart from that, Michael van de Poppe is looking at the Matrix AI Network (MAN). He thinks that this coin is showing too much power in the current situation. He stated that he is looking for long positions from $0.015-0.0164 to $0.04 in the long term. On the shorter time frame, he pointed to the possibility of short selling around $0.024. He said that he can open a long position at $ 0.0185-0.019. He underlined that at the moment, he has no position in either aspect.

Finally, the analyst mentioned Fetch.ai (FET). He initially stated that he did a good trade for this coin. He then said it went nicely with the $0.0925 test.


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