Litigation Extends: Coinbase Customers Not Sharing Their Information


coinbasecustomers are refusing to provide account information in a lawsuit against the company for unauthorized crypto transfers.

The lawsuit against Coinbase alleges that crypto exchange Coinbase neglected to secure customers’ accounts, exposing them to theft and unauthorized transfers. Coinbase is also accused of harming users financially by permanently or temporarily blocking users from their accounts and failing to comply with federal regulations by listing securities on its trading platform.

Coinbase Customers Are Not Taking Their Information To Court

Coinbase customers are not sharing their account information and halting progress to arbitrate their cases, according to a new emergency motion filed in a federal court.

A new motion has been filed in federal court stating that plaintiffs will surrender the requested information in exchange for a protective order. Coinbase opposed this agreement and requested a provision in the protective order that would allow the company to seek arbitration for the dispute.

As this topic is still in the air, Coinbase has not been able to bind customers to their arbitration agreements. Coinbase also requested a hearing due to this renewed emergency request.


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