Locks are opening in November: It’s time for APT, AVAX and HFT!


According to data from TokenUnlocks, Aptos (APT), Avalanche (AVAX) and Hashflow (HFT) will unlock millions of dollars of tokens in November.

On-chain data tracking platform TokenUnlocks stated that a large amount of token unlocks will be made in November. This month, the most notable token unlockings will occur in the Aptos (APT), Avalanche (AVAX) and Hashflow (HFT) projects.

In November, a total of $450 million worth of tokens will be unlocked across all projects. APT, AVAX and HFT constitute 320 million dollars.

Million-dollar APT, AVAX and HFT will enter circulation

The lion’s share of November’s $450 million token unlock data belongs to Aptos (APT), Avalanche (AVAX) and Hashflow (HFT) projects.

Launched into the crypto market with great anticipation, Aptos will unlock 24.8 million APT on November 12. APTs to be unlocked make up 10 percent of the circulating supply. In addition, the value of APT that will enter circulation is close to 170 million dollars.

According to data from TokenUnlocks, $82.7 million in APT will be distributed to those who contribute to the project. $58.6 million of APT will be sent to investors and $22.3 million of APT will be sent to the community. Finally, the $9.3 million APT that will be unlocked will be transferred to the project team.

The second largest token unlocking of November will take place on AVAX. On November 24, 9.5 million AVAX will be unlocked and put into circulation. AVAXs to be unlocked account for 2.7 percent of the circulating supply. Additionally, 9.5 million AVAX stands at around $105 million.

Of these AVAXs to be unlocked, approximately $50.4 million will be distributed to the project team, $25.2 million to strategic partners, $18.7 million to the Avalanche Foundation, and $12.6 million for a possible airdrop.

The hero of another unlocking was the Hashflow project. Hashflow will unlock 160.38 million HFT on November 7, accounting for 73.92 percent of the circulating supply. In an unlock that will nearly double circulation, $40.8 million worth of HFT will be released.

Approximately $16.1 million of the unlocked HFTs will go to early investors, $12.7 million to ecosystem development, and $12.4 million to the core team. Additionally, $107,000 in HFT will also be allocated to community rewards.


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