Long Term: Change in Crypto Investment from Year-to-Date


Those who invested in cryptocurrencies in early 2022 faced their wallets with melted balance towards the end of the year.

The crypto industry stands out with different investment channels and investment methods. Initially, the adventure that started with Bitcoin and a few cryptocurrencies has expanded to thousands of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, different channels such as metaverse and NFT have also been included in our lives. In the developing and adopted crypto sector, long-term or short-term investments are prioritized. So, do long-term investments always yield the expected results? How are those who invested in cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2022, as we reach the end of the year? In this article, we’ve compiled the long-term performance of a few major cryptocurrencies we’ve selected.

Crypto Investments Made at the Beginning of 2022, How Are They Now?

The year 2022 has passed with anti-inflationary moves in the global economy and bad scenarios in the crypto industry. Many projects such as FTX, Terra and Celsius have pulled the industry to the bottom. On the other hand, the USA gave the signals of recession by increasing interest rates against inflation. So, what about the crypto money investments made in early 2022 now?

Bitcoin (BTC) Investment

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin ( BTC ), continues to dominate the crypto industry. Declining due to sales pressure and various factors BTC, pushed the overall crypto market down as well.

01.01.2022one on BTCprice, $46,252corresponding to its level. 10,000 TLan investor with 0.016number BTC could get. Investor’s 0.016piece BTCThe value of at that date $740corresponds.

Towards the end of the year, the increase in the dollar price and BTC The decline was one of the important factors. Investor waiting to date, 0.016number BTCfor $269could get a fee. your $269current exchange rate, 5025 TL It corresponds to . at the beginning of the year BTCinvestor at the end of the year 4975There is a loss of TL.

Ethereum (ETH) Investment

The second largest cryptocurrency in the crypto industry, Ethereum ( ETH ), concluded the year with important updates. Despite the selling pressure PoSThe transition has attracted a lot of attention. ETH, BTCdecreased in parallel with

01.01.2022one on ETHprice, $3,638it was around. 10,000 TLon this date, the investor who has 0.20 pcs ETH can buy. The investor bought 0.20 ETH, with the exchange rate at that date $740it coincides.

When we come to the end of the year, Ethereum Strong declines on the side and dollar pressure came to the fore. Long-term Ethereum Investors had to submit to current market conditions. Investor waiting to date, 0.20number ETHfor $243 would charge a fee. Considering the current exchange rate, this amount is 4540 TL It corresponds to . at the beginning of the year ETHinvestor at the end of the year 5460 TLsuffers a loss of .

Binance Coin (BNB) Investment

Cryptocurrency exchanges also have cryptocurrencies belonging to their own ecosystems. The most known and most actively used stock market coin, Binancebelonging to BNBThe popular crypto currency, which continues to be active in the market, has its own BNB Chain with its network. However BNB, BTCand ETHIt is among those affected by the bear fall.

01.01.2022one on BNBprice, 511 dollarscorresponding to the level. 10,000 TLan investor with 1,448number BNB can buy. This is what the investor can get 1,448 BNB, according to the exchange rate on that date $740it corresponds.

In these days approaching the end of the year, BNB Speculation and bearish movements on the side drew attention. FTX crash BNB pushed the other side to a volatile market condition. Investor waiting to date, 1,448number BNBfor $351would get paid. $351, when calculated at the current exchange rate 6562 TL It corresponds to . at the beginning of the year BNBinvestor at the end of the year 3438It faces a loss of TL.

Ripple (XRP) Investment

One of the most sensational cryptocurrencies of the year is Ripple ( XRP) happened. USAeditor SECintense litigation process, Ripple It has made its side one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of social media. In particular, the probability of winning the case, XRPHe suggested that a bull run could begin for

01.01.2022one on XRPprice, $0.829corresponds to the level. 10,000 TLThe investor who wants to make an investment of 892number XRP can buy. The investor can receive XRP‘s, according to the exchange rate on that date $740it coincides.

In these days approaching the end of the year, Rippleand SEC litigation progressed. Ripple is very close to victory in the securities lawsuit. On the other hand, the global economy and BTC decline also XRP It brought the bear trend with it. The investor who has kept his investment until today, 892number XRPfor $317 may charge a fee. When calculated according to the current exchange rate, your $317in return 5922 TL approaching the level. at the beginning of the year XRPthe investor who buys, at the end of the year 4078A loss of TL.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Investment

One of the crypto industry’s most contradictory cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin ( DOGE ) happened. popular meme token, Elon Musk It was a cryptocurrency that ‘s termed as Bitcoin’s joke. Even Muskin their own companies DOGE It started to highlight more. Growing investor base DOGEIt managed to put . among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

01.01.2022one on DOGEprice, $0.169was moving close to its level. 10,000 TLAn investor who wishes to invest with 4.378number DOGE could buy. These meme tokens received by the investor were, at that time, $740corresponds to an exchange rate.

In these days nearing the end of the year, DOGEIt’s been a busy time for him. Elon Musk‘of twitterbecame the most important driving force. DOGE With the effect of the news, the pump started to live constantly. However, the effects of the global market and the collapses in the crypto money market DOGE He also managed to impress. Until today DOGEinvestor protecting their investment, 4.378number DOGEfor $331 dollars would charge a fee. When the current exchange rate calculation is made, your $331in return 6.184 It corresponds to TL. at the beginning of the year DOGEinvestor at the end of the year 3.816A loss of TL.

Is Long-Term Investment Reasonable?

Looking at the major cryptocurrencies, long-term investments have generally resulted in losses. However, this does not mean that long-term investments are a bad thing.

At this point, investors need to be more careful and more investigative. In the global economy, digital assets are referred to as risky investment instruments. This situation brings with it a market condition with high volatility and sharp graphic movements.

When looking at the crypto money market, choosing the right product and seeing that product as an investment at the right time comes to the fore. Because crypto has become a medium that moves in cycles. In 2023, a calmer and more resilient market conditions are foreseen.


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