LUNC Eyes on $1!


terraTerra Classic (which was restructured after the crisis) LUNC), with the effect of market conditions and bull pressure 17 percentIt has risen close to .

2022one of the leading events of the year terraThe crisis has pushed the crypto industry quite backwards. terraAfter the crisis, the founder of the project Do Kwoninvestigation was initiated. lunaand TOPThe project establishing a parallel relationship between TOP It collapsed with the depeg of . This collapse resulted in billions of dollars’ worth of assets being wiped out of the market. Then, with the influence of the crypto community, terra classicwas born. LUNC attracted attention with the support of the crypto industry. The popular cryptocurrency has recently lived 17 percentIt attracts a lot of attention with a rise close to .

Terra Classic Has Been Rising For Two Days

Terra Classic ( LUNC ) community is working hard to move the popular cryptocurrency above one dollar. The community came to the fore with its innovative projects such as creating an ecosystem and preparing DApps. Also, the community DAOIt shaped the course of the project with the new votes made by the

One of these votes was the regulation of burning rates. LUNC conditioned that 50 percent of the fee fees go to ecosystem developers. But in the latest proposals, this arrangement has been removed. The project will primarily build the developer team environment.

With the crypto market taking on a calm outlook and the bulls LUNCHis movement on the side marked the day. LUNCwith the effects of the day 17 percentexperienced a rise.

Also, the popular cryptocurrency 11 percent It had a rise of . Continuing its rise for two days, the project has a total 28 percentIt has experienced a rise.

Terra Classic with its latest uptrend 1 billion managed to regain its market value of USD. According to the analysis, a break above the descending channel is among the most important reasons for the rise. RSIThe bullish and bullish pressure on the side has eliminated the orders in the sales books.

On the other hand, the community’s constant activeness and new voting also contributed to the rise. It was noteworthy that an environment of trust was built and investors were in active communication.

Terra Classic Attacks, Will the LUNC Rise Continue?

terra classic has become one of the most important cryptocurrencies with an active community behind it. Many crypto investors LUNCHe wants to see a price level above one dollar again.

However, the effects of the harsh weather and bear market in the crypto industry are not over yet. In the new year, it is spoken that cryptocurrencies will exhibit a movement away from the bull run. However, the risk of recession in the global economy is also on the table. In this case, the future of cryptocurrencies is unpredictable.

In the crypto market where there is an environment of uncertainty, LUNC development and reinforcement works continue at full speed. The reflection of this on the price may occur depending on the pressure of the bulls. Current LUNCprice may turn into support points if bears fear.

LUNC Looking at the chart from a broad perspective, it is observed that the price is in the recovery process. The cryptocurrency, which has risen with the attack of the bulls, has to give more to protect these regions.

The harsh consequences of market conditions, LUNCon the side 0.00016 can bring back the dollar level. If this support point is broken LUNC, 0.000145It may face a pullback to around USD.

On the other hand, the continuation of the bullish pressure LUNCfor 0.000258 It can cause a movement to the dollar resistance point. However, the bulls are not that strong due to the effect of market conditions.


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