Magic Eden Addresses Security Breach in NFT Market


solan ( LEFT) based NFTmarket place Magic Edenmade a statement about the pornographic content on the NFT platform for a short time.

Security breaches and network vulnerabilities have become one of the hot topics in the crypto industry. In the past year alone, billions of dollars in assets have evaporated as a result of hacking attacks. Also, last year, investors’ crypto assets disappeared due to fraud. A reliable digital asset environment began to be planned along with regulations and audits. In the middle of these processes magic Eden, for a short time NFTHe made a statement about the sexual content observed on his platform.

Magic Eden Discloses About Brief Sexual Content On NT Platform

solan ( LEFT) based popular NFTmarket place Magic Eden With an interesting event, it fell into the agenda on social media. Many NFTinvestor, Magic EdenHe was shocked by what he saw on ‘s platform.

There was sexual content on the platform, albeit for a short time. A NFTThe presence of such images on the platform brought up the possibility of a hacking attack.

These strange images listed on the platform received criticism from many investors. Further damage to confidence in the crypto industry has been the focus of investors.

witherlargest network NFTplatform made statements on the subject after the discussions. twittersharing platform, “Hi guys, our image provider, a third-party service we use to cache images, has been compromised.” said.


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