Major Bitcoin Exchange Delists These 6 Altcoins!


Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has decided to remove 6 altcoin projects from its list after its reviews. In an announcement made today, he said that the trading operations of the tokens in question were stopped. In addition, he warned its users that the shooting should be done until the date he specified.

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has stopped trading 6 altcoins As we reported, Bitfinex announced on December 20 that it would delist 6 altcoin projects. In its announcement, the Bitcoin exchange shared that trading operations will be stopped on December 29. Bitfinex noted that the altcoin projects it mentioned in a post on Twitter today were closed to trading.

Among the altcoins that Bitfinex removed from the list are Celsius Network (CEL), which went bankrupt, and Serum (SRM), which came to the fore with the collapse of FTX. In addition, Pangolin (PNG), the DEX platform of Ethereum rival Avalanche, was also unlisted. The crypto exchange noted that the altcoin projects in the list below are now closed to trading.

  1. Celsius Network (CEL)
  2. Serum (SRM)
  3. Pangolin (PNG)
  4. BnkToTheFuture (BFT)
  5. Bridge Mutual (BMI)
  6. Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Meanwhile, Bitfinex stated that withdrawals in the aforementioned tokens will remain open until February 14, 2023. Accordingly, it warned users to make withdrawals by this date. The Bitcoin exchange also included a statement about the reason for the decision. In this context, “This decision was taken as a result of our continuous monitoring of all listed projects and reviewing their qualification for listing,” he said.

Some altcoin prices negatively impacted

Since the decision of the crypto exchange was dated earlier, it did not have a serious impact on all altcoin prices. However, it has badly affected some altcoins. One of them is Serum (SRM). Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem that provides decentralized finance (DeFi) and fast and low transaction costs. Serum is a DEX designed entirely around the on-chain centralized limit order book and matching engine. Ecosystem partners have the ability to create Serum’s on-chain order book to share liquidity and strengthen trading capabilities for corporate and individual users. Meanwhile, SRM price fell 5.26% to $0.134 at press time.

SRM daily price chart / Source: CoinmarketCap

Another badly affected altcoin was Pangolin (PNG). Pangolin is a multi-chain, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche Network. Thanks to advanced tools, deep liquidity and seamless participation, Pangolin provides easy exchange for projects and traders alike. Meanwhile, PNG price fell 4.95% to $0.03527 at press time.

PNG daily price chart / Source: CoinmarketCap


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