Mastercard Agreed with Polygon on Web3 Project


payment giant MasterCarddeveloped for musicians Web3project Mastercard Artist Acceleratorfor Polygon ( MATIC) agreed with.

Institutional interest in the crypto industry is increasing day by day. Many companies are working hard on topics such as blockchain, metaverse, Web3 and NFT. In particular, Web3 became the most popular technological enterprise on the radar of global companies. Global payment giant Mastercard has signed a new study in the field of Web3. The company, which created the Web3 project for musicians, made an agreement with Polygon for the infrastructure. Mastercard, Web3 project Mastercard Artist Acceleratoraccelerated its work.

Mastercard to Move with Polygon in Web3 Project

353 billionGlobal payments giant with market capitalization in USD MasterCard, created Web3for the project Polygon ( MATIC) will move with.

The program created by Mastercard Web3 will enable them to establish their brands and manage their careers in the environment. Also, the payment giant is in the music industry. Web3He is optimistic about the possibilities that technology can offer.

will be based on polygon Mastercard Artist Accelerator went down in history as the first of its kind. The program offers artists NFTprinting, using the virtual world actively, Web3opportunities to benefit from their experience.

The company will nominate five musicians for the program. For those who are not selected Mastercard Music Pass will create an NFT collection named The program will conclude with an artist exhibition that will be broadcast live later in the year.

polygonCEO of Studios Ryan Watts, “Web3 has the potential to empower a new breed of artists who can build a fan base, make a living, and offer new mediums for self-expression and connection on their own terms.”said.


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