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MetaMask Withdraws Support From Crypto Payment Platform


crypto wallet MetaMask, the Wyre crypto payment platform is ending support for its services.

Founded in San Francisco in 2013 wyre , a major crypto payments firm that came close to being acquired for $1.5 billion last year. In April 2022, the United States e-commerce startup Bolt agreed to acquire Wyre. Bolt opted to cancel the deal in September, amid the massive crypto bear market of 2022. Then, Wyre allegedly said it would liquidate its employees in January and end their offerings. MetaMask also stops supporting the platform after the company said it would stop its operations.

MetaMask Ends Support for Wyre

MetaMaskannounced on Twitter on January 5 that it has removed Wyre from its mobile aggregator, which allows users to buy crypto directly through their digital wallet.

MetaMask, which asks users not to use Wyre in mobile aggregator, included the following in the statement:

“We are currently working on removing the extension and thank you for your patience”

According to the announcement, MetaMask still supports numerous other payment gateways, including Transak, MoonPay, and Sardine. MetaMask noted that the services are available for Apple Pay, debit cards, and transfers.

Wyre CEO John Giannaros“We will continue to do everything we can, but I want everyone to prepare themselves for the fact that we will need to loosen things up over the next few weeks,” he said.


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