Metaverse Coin in Turks’ Basket Announces Giant Fund! Price Skyrockets


Metaverse coin projects were the most popular in the cryptocurrency world in 2021 and 2022. They also attracted attention with their prices. However, they undoubtedly got their share from the last bear market period. Despite this, they still continue to exist. They also announce important moves from time to time. Now there is such a move. The move came from The Sandbox, one of the metaverse coin projects.

Metaverse coin The Sandbox shared the important development

There is news from The Sandbox, one of the leading players in the Metaverse field. Accordingly, he recently announced an important development. Introducing the $100 million SAND Game Maker Game Fund. This exciting announcement was made at the Global Creators Day event in Hong Kong. Metaverse coin SAND is in focus here.

The announcement has a specific purpose. Accordingly, empowering creators is the main goal. The newly announced Game Maker Game Fund, comprised of 100 million metaverse coin SAND tokens, demonstrates The Sandbox’s unwavering commitment to supporting creators. This fund is a continuation of the Game Maker Fund, which was launched in 2021 and has already supported more than 200 projects worth $10 million.

Statements made on the subject

Metaverse coin project The Sandbox draws attention to an issue in its statement. Accordingly, it underlines its commitment to empowering creators. “Now, from 2024, the new 100 million SAND fund will empower even more creators,” they said in their statement. The DAO-based selection system will reward not only the creations and content, but also the interaction they generate on the platform.” There is an emphasis.

Following the development, there is a significant movement in the price of the metaverse coin SAND. This means a positive market reaction. In response to this important news, The Sandbox’s native cryptocurrency SAND increased by 9% on a weekly basis. The price is currently trading at $0.35.

Realization of the fund strengthens the project When we look at it from a perspective, the realization of this important fund draws attention. Accordingly, it is a reflection of The Sandbox’s goal of encouraging creativity and innovation within the metaverse. It also has another meaning for the metaverse coin. It’s a testament to its commitment to providing creators with the resources and support they need to bring their visions to life. This development is likely to have a positive impact on the metaverse ecosystem. It is also expected that the platform will further increase its appeal for both creators and users.


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