MicroStrategy Continues to Buy Bitcoin


MicroStrategy bought 2 thousand 501 Bitcoins, increasing its BTC holding to approximately 132 thousand 500 units.

According to the report, which states that the latest acquisition has been made, MicroStrategy has reached a net Bitcoin asset value of $ 2.2 billion and retained the title of the company holding the most Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy Bought Over 2,000 Bitcoins

MicroStrategy, which came to the fore with its Bitcoin purchases and support, has recently purchased 2 thousand 501 Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the latest report published, MicroStrategy has made a three-stage BTC purchase. In phase one, he bought about 2,395 Bitcoins at $17,871 for $42.8 million in cash. In the second stage, 704 BTC was sold at $ 16,776, while in the third stage, 810 BTC were purchased at $ 16,845. As a result of these transactions, the company increased its BTC assets to 132 thousand 500.

The company, which makes purchases at every opportunity regardless of the direction of the market, also wants to evaluate the recent market declines. Despite the fact that his net Bitcoin asset value exceeded 5 billion dollars, he did not give up on his investment approach. Along with the recent market declines, MicroStrategy is trying to turn the decline of its Bitcoin asset value to $ 2.2 billion into an opportunity.


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