MicroStrategy to Offer Bitcoin Lightning Service in the New Year


technology company MicroStrategy, in 2023 bitcoin lightning networkplans to launch supported software and solution services.

In the development of the crypto industry and blockchain technology, 2023 The year is considered to be of critical importance. In the new year, it is evident that regulations and controls in the crypto sector will be tightened and the usage areas will be increased. On the other hand, it was also a matter of curiosity whether the bearish trend of the crypto money market would end. At the end of the year, MicroStrategy The moves started coming. The company first 2,500number BTC announced the purchase. Immediately after MicroStrategychairman of the board Michael Saylor, bitcoin lightning networktalked about.

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor Hopeful for Bitcoin Lightning

MicroStrategychairman of the board Michael Saylor, last day twitter spacespoke through. Saylorcompany’s new year bitcoin lightningHe said he will focus on solutions.

A payment protocol and network structure for Bitcoin. lightning network started to attract the attention of technology companies. The technology, which offers a faster and more efficient use of Bitcoin, has finally entered MicroStrategy’s radar.

Saylor, lightning network He underlined that they can use it in customer incentives. The technology company wants to strengthen its team and capture more potential in this technology. Saylorto support the company’s corporate marketing. lightningstated that it focuses on solutions.

Twitter Spacesspeaking with Saylor, Lightning NetworkHe argued that ‘is the internet of money’ and stated that it was an inspiring progress.


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