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Morocco Finalizes Crypto Regulations


Moroccan Central Bank ( BAM) Head abdellative Jouahiri, signaled towards crypto regulations at a press conference.

Cryptocurrenciesregulation and control, 2023 It has become one of the most important agenda items of the year. Many countries have begun to speed up the necessary legal processes. Especially USA ‘s regulators will also focus on digital assets in the new year. On the other hand MoroccoMobility stood out in Morocco, too. President of the Central Bank of Morocco Abdellatif Jouahiri held a press conference today. At the meeting, he stated that he would act in a planned manner with the organizers. Jouahirihas also signaled towards crypto regulations.

Morocco Focused on Crypto and General Regulations

Morocco has accelerated its work in terms of economy and finance. The country’s government plans to move forward with many regulations this year. Moroccan Central Bank ( BAM), focused on crypto regulations.

BAMhead Abdellatif Jouahiri stated that he is planning meetings with market participants. The Moroccan Capital Markets Authority ( AMMC), Insurance Supervision Agency and Social Security ( ACAPSRegulatory authorities will also participate.

Jouahiriaccording to BAMwhile working on documents International Monetary Fund and World Bank collaborated with. previous BAMIn the reports, messages were given that they would focus on digital assets.

BAMThe draft will provide a definition of crypto and aim to protect individuals without restricting innovation.


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