Most Ethereum Liquidations in the Last 24 Hours!


In the crypto money market, which exhibits downward mobility, the last in 24 hoursmost liquidations are Ethereum ( ETH) took place.

crypto market, 12 days continues to move above certain levels. However, the other day 400Bitcoin ( BTC ), general market products also moved downwards. Burning red candles today and staying at the opening level BTC had a negative effect. In general terms, BTC The pessimistic activity experienced on the other hand also affected altcoins. On the day of the declines, the most transaction liquidations Ethereumhappened on the side.

In The Last 24 Hours, Ethereum Liquidations Overtake Bitcoin!

According to data provided by Coinglass, $70 million has been liquidated from the markets in the last 24 hours. About 30 million of this amount, the cryptocurrency exchange OKXIt happened in .

The vast majority of liquidations in the last 24-hour period are long ( rise ) was realized in directional futures. The decline experienced by altcoins in the crypto market caused long transactions to explode. However Bitmexon the side 5 millionShort (61 percent) of the dollar liquidation drop ) creates directional transactions. At this point, the effect of the cyclical movement of the markets comes to the fore.

In the last 24 hours, 21.8 millionleadership with dollar liquidation Ethereum took. The most liquidations Ethereumfollowed by a $16.17 million liquidation. bitcoinranked second.

Other Cryptocurrencies in the Ranking of Liquidation in the Last 24 Hours

last 24According to hourly data, the third most liquidated cryptocurrency is Dogecoin ( DOGE ) happened. In popular cryptocurrency 3.84 million dollar liquidation. The majority of these liquidations were long-sided transactions.

The fourth place in the liquidation list is Solana ( LEFT ) took. Solana, which has been a busy agenda lately, 12 percent It drew attention with a decrease close to . On the Solana side, 3.01 milliondollar liquidation. 12 percentDue to the decrease in LEFTlong positions were liquidated.

Finally, in the last 24 hoursRipple ranks fifth among the coins with the highest liquidation rates ( XRP) took. XRPon the side, 1.95 milliondollar liquidation.


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