Mr. Park’s Body Found in Bithumb Investigation


bithumb‘s shareholder technology company videntevice president of Mr. Parkwas being investigated for manipulation and embezzlement.

South KoreaAccording to a news channel from manipulationand embezzlementThe lifeless body of Mr. Park, who is being investigated for crimes such as smuggling, has been found. Park, Videntwhile serving as vice president at e bithumb He was in charge of accounting for Mr. Kang’s brothers, known as the head of . The news source alleged that in the ongoing investigations, the charges were brought against Mr. Park.

Body of One Person Found in Bithumb Investigation

South Koreainvestigation carried out in bithumbknown as the head Mr. Kang He was surrounded by his brothers. In this context, it was alleged that the brothers made illegal gains by manipulating stock prices and issuing convertible bonds. The investigation also covered companies founded under different names to steal money and create bribe funds.

South Korean prosecutors are conducting investigations within the scope of these events. In the past months, it has been affiliated with Bithumb as part of the investigation. Vident e was confiscated. Also last month bithumbAn executive affiliated with . was handed over to the court on charges of destroying evidence.

a company in South Korea videntestands out with its investments and business developments. bithumbowns approximately 32 percent of the videntevice president of Mr. Park were included in these investigations. However South Koreanauthorities, ParkHe found his lifeless body.

Park’s reason for being included in the investigation, Kang He was responsible for the accounting of his brothers. the news during the day, South Koreanews channel from News MTreported.


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