Mycelium’s Liquidity Pool Exploited


DeFi project mycelium‘s liquidity pool has been exploited by the arbitrage bot, which has exploited the price mismatch issue.

Mycelium, a multi-product Web3 ecosystem, announced that one of its liquidity pools suffered losses due to price flow issues. Also, the IP address of the protocol is blocked by the Binance API module.

Mycelium ETH/USD Pool Exploited

According to a statement from the Mycelium team, on January 7, 2023, the platform was exploited by an arbitrage bot. bot on platform EthereumIt detected a discrepancy in (ETH) price (too high spread) and started abusing it with a large amount of liquidity.

Inconsistency, ETH/USDT attributed to the Bitfinex API, which started posting highly variable prices for the pair. Meanwhile, other price feed provider Binance was down for blocking the US associated IP used by Mycelium.

Therefore, the system was unable to rebalance the price through an independent price feed. As a result of the Binance outage, the Mycelium team has announced that Mycelium only Bitfinexand coinbaseEmphasizes that it uses data from and that this outage is not widely reported.

When the problem was identified, the team launched an internal investigation and stopped trading. Postmortem states that the pool has been unavailable for a total of 2.5 hours.


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