Mythical Games Sues Three Former Executives


crypto game project Mythical Gamessued three former senior executives for violating their duties.

One of the current problems of the crypto industry has been the effects of bad actors. of FTXCEO during his lifetime Sam BankmanFriedand of Alamedain their manipulations Caroline Ellison drew attention. On the other hand, terrafounder Do Kwon He also became the architect of a multi-billion-dollar crypto crash. In these days when it is generally discussed that regulations should come, it is planned to prevent the bad players of the crypto market. Finally Mythical Gamesfiled a lawsuit for the actions of three former senior executives against the company.

Mythical Games Blames Its Three Former Executives

Crypto gaming platform mythical Games, California State Supreme Court He filed a lawsuit against his three former senior executives. The lawsuit includes the activities of the names who are supposed to work for the company.

The game project, which reached a valuation of $ 1 billion last year, gave the task of raising funds to the company to its executives, who were sued. The company manages its directors in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) based Cypher CapitalHe claims to have met her.

The three former executives who were sued, Rudy Koch, Chris Ko, Matthew Nutt it happened. of these names Koch served as the founding partner of the company. Nutt became chief operating officer, while Ko became chief investment and strategy officer.

According to the game company, these three names, Mythical VenturesThey were tasked with raising money for a new fund called, and individuals used this situation for their own benefit. Cypher CapitalInstead of attracting investment in their company, individuals who went to , raised investment in a separate business plan.


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