New Millionaires DOGE, Not BONK: These 2 Will Give Birth!


The cryptocurrency market started the new year with high hopes after a bad year. Crypto expert Camille Lemmens shares 2 cryptocurrencies with potential, saying, look at them, not altcoins like BONK that explode out of nowhere.

Forget BONK and DOGE, look at these…

Coin 1: Quant (QNT)

We are not interested in cryptos like BONK, but in valuable projects like Quant. One of the stories I highlighted about Quant two months ago was about CBDCs. This is an acronym for ‘central bank digital currency’. Although they oppose the idea of ​​decentralization, CBDCs are on the rise. They are almost inevitable.

Now Quant is knocking on the door of the CBDC space. CBDCs, according to Quant;

  • The project aims to bring stability and consistency to this new world of digital assets.
  • It has the potential to prevent fraud. They also have the potential to provide real-time information on risks to the financial system.

For example, they could have warned regulators about the financial crisis that broke out in 2008. Remember the mortgage defaults that led to this crisis? CBDCs may have provided the warning signals. However, many people have problems with CBDCs. They lack privacy and financial participation. As a result, CBDCs can thrive best in democracies. Such governments will be most concerned with how they process privacy into CBDCs.

A potential partnership between Quant and the Bank of England is possible. As you follow, there are more and more central banks showing interest in CBDCs. The more central banks Quant can cooperate with, the more demand there will be for QNT tokens. It is possible that this will make Quant the cryptocurrency of the new world order.

Coin 2: Kava Network (KAVA)

KAVA is one of the networks that is part of the Cosmos ecosystem. I mentioned Cosmos before as the best ecosystem of 2022. For 2023, I foresee a bright future and development for Cosmos and its ecosystem.

So, Kava is responsible for attribution. Being in the Cosmos ecosystem is already a plus. They are a lending and borrowing platform. And they are making themselves the best return-based DeFi platform. Also, they currently host over 125 dApps. Its Locked Total Values ​​(TVL) is still small at $169 million. However, they are promising. They have good explanations. One of their main narratives is that they are a Bitcoin native bridge. This enables native BTC to bridge to the KAVA Blockchain. They only had BTCBs. This is BTC tokenized on Binance Chain.

They use the Rhine bridge to bridge the native BTC. The good news is that there is a 2nd version of this bridge under construction. With upgraded functionality, this is something to look forward to. Besides BTC, the Rhine bridge supports the KAVA token with 8 Blockchains. Some of them are: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism.

There’s another reason to get some KAVA in your portfolio. For example, KAVA entered the market from staking unlock and KAVA Rise rewards. Second, an incentive program for developers. So, it’s a great intro moment to have some KAVA.

Estimates and evaluations in the article are the personal opinion of the expert and are not investment advice. Therefore, we recommend that you do your own research before investing.


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