NFT Market Had Painful This Christmas, Too!


NFTtrade volume in the market, December 20on 24 millionon the dollar December 25in 13 millionfell to the dollar.

By the end of the year, the cryptocurrency market began to have its most volatile periods. Year-end planning and Christmas holidays have been factors affecting the attracting of investors in the sector. The decline in cryptocurrencies, NFT and brought a great lack of volume in the field of metaverse. Finally NFTThe volume in the market has been falling sharply for the past two years as we enter the Christmas period.

Interest in NFT Market Bottoms During Christmas!

Cryptocurrency and NFTmarket, the painful and pessimistic 2022 year is about to end. This year, the interest of investors gradually disappeared due to the bad scenarios in the sector. Especially towards the end of the year, the volume in the sector is compared to the beginning of the year. 80 percentencountered a decline.

On the other hand NFT The market is looking for ways to survive. Although the interest and adoption in the sector increased, serious decreases were observed in trade volumes. Especially in the last two years, December 20-25significant volume loss.

2021of the year Christmasin the period NFTvolume, December 22in 80.8 millionfrom the dollar level December 25in 64.3 million fell to the dollar. Just Christmasthe effect of the period 20 million caused a loss in volume. Finally 2022of the year Christmasin the period, 20 Decemberwith December 25between 46 percentexperienced a decline.

But on the other hand, Christmasthe fall of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ( BAIC) was not affected. BAIC‘s base price increased this Christmas.


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