North Korean Hacker Group Stole Over 1000 NFTs


A North Korean hacker group earned 300 ETH from more than 1000 NFTs it stole.

The hacker group defrauds investors using various attacks such as phishing. Many of these groups are believed to be supported by the North Korean government.

North Korean Hackers Scene Again

According to SlowMist’s report, the North Korean hacker group spearheaded a massive NFT phishing attack. Hackers attack investors by pretending to be reputable organizations in order to obtain sensitive information from victims. In the NFT industry, too, they masquerade as key NFT projects to get users to sign malicious transactions that could result in losing their NFT.

SlowMist’s report stated that the hacker group targeted crypto and NFT users with a phishing campaign using 500 different domain names. The company identified a wallet address associated with the group that stole 1055 NFTs. This wallet sold its NFTs for 300 ETH ($365,000).

This year, NFT has been stolen by numerous phishing attacks. Hackers stole 29 Moonbirds worth $1.5 million in May.


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