North Korean Hackers Stole $1.2 Billion In Crypto Over The Last 5 Years


It has been claimed that North Korean hacker groups have stolen about $ 1.2 billion in cryptocurrencies in the last five years.

According to the report prepared by the Associated Press, cybercriminals have stolen large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

North Korean Hackers Continue Their Activities

According to the report, K. Korean hackers seized $625 million worth of cryptocurrencies this year alone. Of these funds, $78 million was stolen from South Korean organizations.

As before, these criminals were allegedly used by the state to finance North Korea’s fragile economy and nuclear program.

The economy of the authoritarian state has recently been damaged by the harsh sanctions of the United Nations and the impact of covid-19.

The US government claimed that North Korean hackers were behind the $620 million Axie Infinity attack, which has been recorded as one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts ever.


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