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Not ApeCoin: This NFT Coin Established the Hollywood Partnership!


NFT markets continue to attract attention. NFT coin Moonbirds announced that it has partnered with Hollywood talent agency UTA.

NFT coin enters Hollywood

PROOF Co-Founder Kevin Rose announced the deal on Twitter on January 6th, stating that the aim is to recognize the Moonbirds brand on a global scale, not just in the Web3 space. The NFT-focused company was founded in February 2022 by early-stage Facebook and Twitter investor Kevin Rose and designer Justin Mezzell. The company also has Proof Collective and Oddities NFT collections in its catalog.

Announcing the move on Twitter on January 6, Rose suggested that the aim of the deal was to ensure that the Moonbirds brand was recognized on a “global” mainstream scale, as opposed to being recognized as a huge hit in the Web3 space.

What does UTA ​​bring to the table? They have a strength of 1,400 people with departments in film, television, music, video games, sports, books, branding and licensing, speech, marketing, fine arts, publishing and more.

Moonbirds consists of owl-themed avatars

PROOF, the company behind top NFT project Moonbirds, has signed a representation agreement with the United Talent Agency (UTA), one of Hollywood’s leading talent agencies. Taking the move a little further, Rose noted that UTA will work on behalf of PROOF to assist in “examining, brokering and executing partnerships and expansion opportunities in various fields.”

Launched in April 2022, the Ethereum-based Moonbirds project consists of 10,000 8-bit owl-themed avatar NFTs. According to data from CryptoSlam, it has made nearly $619.5 million worth of secondary market sales to date. This figure makes Moonbirds the eleventh best-selling collection in the NFT market. Its closest competitors are Doodles in twelfth place with $553 million and CloneX in tenth place with $794.9 million.

24-hour volume drop

Despite the soaring UTA announcement, Moonbirds’ 24-hour volume dropped by 57.86 percent, with Moonbirds NFT worth $442,747 changing hands in that time frame. But in a seven-day timeframe, trading volumes increased by 63.74 percent. The Moonbirds’ move follows other big names in the NFT space searching for Hollywood deals.

CryptoPunks founders Larva Labs were the first to pave the way for this partnership, signing an agreement with UTA in September 2021 to represent the company’s IP in TV, film, video games, licensing and broadcasting. Then, cryptocoin.com As we reported, Yuga Labs, owner of CryptoPunks, signed up with UTA to bring Bored Ape Yacht Club IP to movies, TV, music and games. The most recent event before PROOF was the deal between UTA rivals WME and NFT start-up Boss Beauties.


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