Note These 15 Dates: Bitcoin and Altcoins Will Be Priced!


Crypto investors follow interest rate decisions or cycles like halvings to predict the trajectory of Bitcoin and altcoins. In this article, let’s list the important dates for the coming weeks.

Pay attention to these 15 dates for bitcoin and altcoins

Market analysts are optimistic that the cryptocurrency market will stabilize in 2023 and some will make a mini bull rally. While the crypto market is heavily dependent on speculative aspects, analysts agree that macroeconomic aspects should be followed closely in the digital economy this year.

As for the important dates, first on the list is the network update that will enable the withdrawal of staked ETHs that the Ethereum community is eagerly waiting for. On this issue, Ethereum Software Developer Marius Van Der Wijden clarified that “All that needs to be done is to test the code that activates withdrawals, which mostly need to be done by February/March”, pointing to potential dates.

Also, crypto investors are watching closely the Federal Reserve (Fed) meetings, which are considered high-impact news. Of these, the FOMC meeting minutes are released 8 times a year and the next announcement is expected on February 22, 2023.

The Fed’s meeting dates for 2023 are as follows: January 31–February 31. 1, 21–22 March, 2-3 May, 13–14 June, 25–26 July, 19–20 September, 31 October–November. 1 and December 12–13.

The Fed’s next meeting is from January 31 to February 20. Based on the above dates, Santiment estimates that market speculators may enter optimistic trades in early January 2023 for various reasons outlined in the insight report. He stated that if the US stock market experiences a relief rally in early January, it could raise sentiment among cryptocurrency investors.

According to the on-chain analytics company, if Bitcoin can break out of its 51-day range, it could try to reach the $20,000 – $21,000 level. Unfortunately, recent macroeconomic developments have led to weak positive moves for Bitcoin. In this scenario, if the critical resistances above $17,000 are not broken, Bitcoin could approach the $14,000 area.

Legal events that should be followed closely

After the high volatility recorded in 2022, the crypto community expects regulation to play a crucial role going forward. In 2023, all attention is turned to the Ripple v SEC case, which is expected to end after two years of court proceedings. With the LBRY lawsuit being lost to the SEC, crypto firms joined hands to support Ripple in the lawsuit. In addition, twelve crypto companies, including Coinbase, participated in the Ripple case through official friendly briefings.

The verdict on Ripple and the SEC lawsuit is expected to be a case study for most DeFi platforms, such as ERC20 tokens. While investors are waiting for their money to be returned, the FTX lawsuit decision is also eagerly awaited. After SBF pleaded not guilty in a US court, the next trial is expected later this year.

halving dates

cryptocoin.comAs we mentioned, the most important halving date among the top 50 this year is the Litecoin (LTC) cycle, which will coincide with June.


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