Pepe (PEPE) Lost 21 Percent Value in a Short Time!


Pepe (which has fallen by 22 percent in the last two days) PEPE), created an atmosphere of panic among investors.

It has been in a falling trend structure since May 14. PEPE , finally managed to break this structure. Breaking the falling trend, PEPE showed a serious price increase of 27.62 percent for now. But in PEPE The sales waves that started did not end. as low as $0.00000163 PEPE In a short time, it lost value by 21.13 percent. Memecoin, which still makes a name for itself, continues to find a place in the market with its volatile movements. PEPE, which lost 21% in value by increasing 27 percent in just a few hours, also created discussion topics on social media.

Pepe (PEPE) Graphic Analysis

PEPE, which has been showing a downward trend since $0.00000192, fell to $0.00000156 within hours. The popular coin, which lost nearly 22% of its value, worried investors with its price activity. After the trend break, it increased very rapidly and took a positive place in social media. But with its latest fall, investors’ opinions have been reversed.

In order to form a bullish structure on the PEPE side, the resistances of 0.00000163 – 0.00000175 – 0.00000182 and 0.00000195 dollars can be followed, respectively. The $0.00000150 level, which has acted as support many times recently, can be followed as the region where buyers can be active.


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