Peter Brandt Commented On Bitcoin


popular analyst Peter Brandt, Bitcoin ( BTCHe stated that he expects a decrease for ) and that the rise will come after this decrease.

The cryptocurrency market has spent almost all of this month in uncertainty and price indecision. Especially bitcoin, 30 thousandwith dollars 25 thousand It continues its activity, stuck between the dollar. However, this volatility makes cryptocurrencies generally bearish.

bitcoinAnalyst to the turbulent days of Peter BrandtGot a comment from. brant, bitcoinAnother drop in waitingAnd your rise This from the fall laterSaid it could happen.

Peter Brandt Expects a Fix for Bitcoin

famous analyst Peter Brandt, Bitcoin ( BTCHe stated that he was waiting for a new fix for the . Brandtbelieves that the uptrend will not happen until the correction comes.

BrandtIn a post on Twitter, bitcoin graphic He shared his analysis with his followers. In this post, BTCof MAdraws attention to the lines.

Graphicon 25 thousandDrawing a line around the dollar, Brandt stated that there may be a decrease before the rise comes and this can be seen with the intention of correction. Brandthas signaled that the rise may also come in the long run.

Moreover Brandtadvised long-term players to stay away from the market by protecting their wallets.


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