Popular Crypto Project Goes To Rebuild


NEAR Protocolcrypto project emerging on the network Octopus Networkis going through restructuring to adapt to market conditions.

In the challenging processes of the cryptocurrency market, layoffs and restructuring of projects took place on the agenda. Layoffs have been observed in many areas, from the largest companies to the smallest companies. Coinbase, in particular, attracted attention by reducing staff. In the market conditions where the income flow decreases, the projects that want to adapt to the difficult conditions enter into structuring. one of these Octopus Network, their staff 40 percentdecided to reduce the rate.

Crypto Project Octopus Network Heads To Layoffs

NEARbased Web3project Octopus Network,In order to combat the painful processes brought by the crypto winter, it started to reduce staff.

The popular cryptocurrency project has teamed up 40 percent will go down in size. In addition, the platform also extends to its remaining employees. 20 percentwill apply a pay cut.

The distribution of the crypto currency belonging to the project, belonging to the team, was also blocked for an unlimited period of time. Team members will not be able to touch team tokens until further decision.

octopusfounder Louis Liuargued that the crypto winter we are in is different and more painful than the others. liupredicts that the crypto winter will last at least a year.


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