Presidency Digital Transformation Office Announces Establishment of Digital Innovation Collaboration Platform


The Presidency Digital Transformation Office announced the establishment of the Digital Innovation Collaboration Platform.

Under the leadership of the Digital Transformation Office, the protocol regarding the new platform, which is planned to strengthen the cooperation between academia, public and industry in the field of digital technologies, was signed today with Turkey’s leading universities.

Ege University, Erciyes University, Istanbul Technical University, Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Koç University, Middle East Technical University, Osmangazi University and Sabancı University became the universities that signed the protocol.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Dr. Ali Taha Koç, emphasizing that the platform is a first in our country, stated that it will strengthen cooperation between the public, academia and private sector in innovative technologies.

Noting that the digitalization process will accelerate with this move, Koç underlined that cooperation in artificial intelligence, data science, cyber security, robotics and related technologies will be strengthened.

Koç stated that more universities will be involved in this cooperation in the future:

“Program; Developing domestic technological solutions for the needs of the public and private sectors, implementing short / long-term training programs in order to develop advanced digital skills of human resources in the public and private sector, supporting strategy and policy studies in order to benefit from the opportunities that the digital economy will create in the future with the highest efficiency, It will provide many benefits such as expanding and diversifying the scope of service through cooperation.”

President Koç stated that the Digital Europe Program will be signed soon and emphasized that this participation will also contribute to the development of qualified human resources in the field of digital technologies:

“Digital Europe Program (DAP); It will support the local ecosystem in our country, especially in terms of establishing critical digital infrastructures in the fields of artificial intelligence, high performance computing and data analytics. The projects that stakeholders from our country will participate in will also contribute significantly to the development of qualified human resources in the field of digital technologies.

Koç stated that European Digital Innovation Centers (ADİM) will be established within the scope of the Digital Europe Program.

President of the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office, Koç, stated that he is very happy to sign the Digital Innovation Cooperation Platform protocol, which is a first in Turkey, and stated that the platform will play a key role in digitalization:

“Digital Innovation Collaboration Platform will play a key role in developing the digital transformation ecosystem in our country in a sustainable way. These efforts will also support and help build our vision of the Century of Turkey, which is the century of digital.”


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