Price Fluctuated! Whales Attacked This Altcoin


The movement of Ethereum whales in the last 24 hours is dazzling. These significant ETH movements bring price fluctuation. This influential development was made by The Data Nerd, which monitors on-chain data. Let’s see what’s in the details.

Ethereum whales are on the move

On November 1, a whale address 0xb15 purchased Ethereum at $1846. Balina deposited a total of $45.3 million to the Binance exchange for this transaction. The amount of Ethereum he bought is 24,500 ETH. This whale has a special feature. Accordingly, it has traded regularly 8 times since February 2023. Accordingly, it made a profit of $13.1 million and a winning rate of 87.5%. Moreover, he withdrew 31.8 million USDT 13 hours ago.

On November 2, whale 0xbf7 deposited 10 thousand Ethereum to Binance at $1859. The whale’s loss in this trade is $18.23 million. The harm of this whale is truly remarkable. Because he has accumulated a total of 88,750 ETH at an average price of $ 3682 since 2 years ago. The total value of the accumulation is approximately 326.8 million dollars. This whale currently has 40 thousand Ethereum. Accordingly, its loss is at the level of 75.88 million dollars.

Whale movements continue.

2 days ago whale 0xa61 made a move for 5,710 Ethereum. He deposited them to Binance for $1828. The whale’s ETH holdings are worth $10.48 million. Balina accumulated these ETHs 2 years ago. Accordingly, he bought it from OKX for 1983 dollars. He had purchased 8,230 units in total. Regarding the whale’s remaining ETH, AAVE has 2,000 ETH and 148 thousand LINK credits at a rate of 1.88.

There is interesting data on the accumulation side. Accordingly, 19 hours ago, whale 0x702 withdrew the amount of 4889 Ethereum ($8.83 million). He also staked them on Lido Finance in exchange for stETH. He then provided collateral to borrow stablecoins from Aave. It has currently borrowed 13.78 million USDC and 5.11 million DAI with collateral of 45 thousand stETH (worth $80.3 million).

There are other whales

The actions of Ethereum whales were not limited to this. Accordingly, Abraxas Capital withdrew a total of 31.55 thousand Ethereum from Bitfinex and Binance to stake at Lido Finance 19 hours ago. The numerical equivalent of the withdrawn ETH is 57.7 million dollars. On the other hand, Nexo also withdrew 4 thousand Ethereum for staking. This is approximately $7.34 million. He also has 48,170 stETH left in his balance. The numerical equivalent is 96.53 million dollars.

Finally When we look at it, two new wallets have been active since yesterday. Two new wallets 0xee6 and 0xbd7 withdrew a total of 30,980 Ethereum from Coinbase. The dollar amount of the drawn amount corresponds to 55.5 million dollars. On the other hand, let us note that whale 0x78d accumulated 2 thousand Ethereum again. Accordingly, he increased his balance to 11,180 ETH with an average entry of 1720 dollars.


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