Record Level Crypto ATM Goes Offline In March


last month 3627with crypto ATM offline, It was the biggest ATM decrease on a monthly basis.

Cryptocurrencies, which are growing and adopted on a global scale, are reduced to communities thanks to physical ATMs. However, only in March With 3,627 crypto ATMs offline, total ATMthe number of dropped to 33,727observed.

The first Bitcoin ATM was installed since 2013, installed and uninstalled monthly net change of crypto ATMs was positive . However Coin ATM RadarAccording to the data of , with the decrease in March, This positive trend started to reverse.

Trend Turns Negative in Crypto ATMs

The popularity of cryptocurrencies, a global crypto It brought the ATM frenzy with it. . Especially after 2021 crypto ATMs, with recent declines started to turn negative.

year 2023negative for crypto ATMs. Fireplaceper month 1,587crypto ATM, Februaryper month 275crypto ATM and Marchper month 3.627of crypto ATM observed to be offline.

Crypto ATMs, which tend to go offline from September 2022, broke records last month. March 2023, the most crypto ATMs on a monthly basis It’s been a month since he was offline.

In addition, the number of crypto ATMs installed over time is as of January 2021. It stands out that there are 2,048 . Considering this data, the decline in March puts its importance on the table.


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